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Buckles $40+gst.

Snap belts $65+gst.

Snap belt+buckle combos $100+gst

Other belts: please click for price.

Belts are custom cut to size.

All belts and buckles are available in black, brown, blue, and oxblood red. If you don't see one here in the colour you would like, please contact me and I will get back  to you with a colour sample.

black belt 1 $80+gst
black belt 1 $80+gst
drum buckle black
drum buckle black belt
terrier with black belt
fish  on black belt
feather black belt
dragonfly black belt
buckle backside
leaf buckle black belt
leaf buckle
brown belt 1 $80+gst
brown belt 1 $80+gst
sailboat buckle
motorcycle buckle
western boots
bird buckle
bird buckle +black belt
flower 1
flower 1 w/black snap belt
simpsonelli buckle
simpsonelli buckle black belt
cowboy hat buckle
bull buckle
bull buckle + black snap belt
Tuarus buckle w/brown snap belt
sunflower buckle w/brown snap belt
sunflower buckle w/black snap belt
yin yang
yin yang buckle w/brown snap belt
yin yang buckle w/black snap belt
flower 1 w/brown snap belt
2 tone brown belt $85+gst
2 tone brown belt $85+gst
2 tone brown belt $85+gst
star w/brown snap belt
star buckle
flower 2
flower buckle 2 w/red snap belt
studded snap belt $95+gst
studded snap belt $95+gst
studded snap belt + buckle $125+gst
horse buckle black belt
horse buckle brown belt
horse buckle red belt
grommet belt $95 +gst
grommet belt $95 +gst
grommet belt + buckle $130+gst
grommet belt + buckle $130+gst
horse gallop
horse gallop
horse gallop red on black belt
gran sedan
gran sedan on black snap belt
gran sedan on brown snap belt
scorpion black on black
butterfly red on brown
fish brown black belt
fish 1 brown brown belt
feather 1 red on black
Sargeant buckle solo
Sargeant black black belt
Sargeant black brown belt
key buckle black solo
key buckle black black belt
key buckle black brown belt